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Bug Repellent Lamp 
That Wipes Out
Pesky Bugs for Good!

The powerful & portable lamp is effective
in zapping mosquitoes & pests
keeping over 375 sq.feet space bug-free!
<b><font color="#ff5523">Bug Repellent Lamp&nbsp;<br></font></b><span style="letter-spacing: 0px;"><font style="" color="#000000"><b>That  Wipes Out<br>Pesky Bugs for Good!</b><br></font></span>GET 50% OFF BUGSNAPZ
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The Easiest Way To
Zap Mosquitoes & Pesky Bugs

BugSnapz is a 100% safe & solar-powered bug repellent lamp that lets you enjoy the indoors & outdoors completely bug & mosquito free! BugSnapz not only kills bugs but also works as a flashlight & camping light keeping any space you want well-lit for up to 20 hours!

When you use BugSnapz, you can easily “turn off” your pain & drastically improve quality of life.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Enjoy The Outdoors

Improve Your Sleep

Improve Your Sleep

Relief From Stress

Relief From Stress

100% Safe & Natural

100% Safe & Natural

Say Bye-Bye to BitesSay Bye-Bye to Bites
Say Bye-Bye to Bites

With Bug Snapz, you've got a portable bug repellent powerhouse on your side. Capable of zapping mosquitoes, gnats, moths, and more, it creates a 375 sq. feet safe zone where you can enjoy your activities bite-free.

Lights Up, Bugs Down
Lights Up, Bugs Down

Not just an efficient bug zapper, Bug Snapz doubles as a versatile light source. Perfect for camping trips or power outages, it keeps your space well-lit while silently eliminating pests.

Charged for Action
Charged for Action

Bug Snapz is a 3-in-1 solution that packs convenience and performance. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, this bug-killing, flashlight-functioning, camping-friendly tool can work up to 20 hours non-stop, ensuring your comfort anytime and anywhere.

Bug Snapz is your way to Keep Mosquitoes
and Pesky Bugs at Bay

Home, Sweet, Bug-Free Home
Sick of swatting at fruit flies in your kitchen or batting away mosquitoes in your bedroom? Bring in Bug Snapz. Its compact design and quiet operation make it an unobtrusive addition to any room in your house. Plus, it's designed with a modern-touch to blend seamlessly into your living space. With Bug Snapz you're not just buying a bug killer: you're buying peace of mind.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors
Who says enjoying a night under the stars means dealing with pesky bugs? With Bug Snapz, you can create your own bug-free oasis. It's powerful enough to clear a large area of all sorts of flying nuisances, making it perfect for camping trips, backyard BBQs, or any outdoor event. Additionally, its solar-powered rechargeable battery means as long as there's a sun in the sky, you've got a reliable bug-zapping companion.

Built Tough for Any Adventure

Bug Snapz doesn't just need to be for the home - it loves a good adventure. Its sturdy construction and weatherproof design make it ready to withstand the elements, from accidental spills to a sudden downpour on a camping trip. Plus, it's lightweight and portable, which means it's always ready to hit the road whenever you are.

More Cutting Edge Features! 
  • Bug-Zapping Powerhouse
    An impressive 1000V high voltage zap that effectively clears a range of 375 sq. feet from pests and bugs.
  • Kid and Pet Safe
    Uses no harmful chemicals or UV light, making it perfectly safe around children and pets.
  • Highly Portable
    Lightweight and waterproof design lets you carry it with you, wherever your adventures take you.
  • Triple Threat
    Not just a bug zapper, but also a walking flashlight and an all-weather camping light.
  • Shock-Resistant Design
    7mm micro plastic bars surrounding the zapper core ensure total safety and accident prevention.
  • Solar-Powered and Rechargeable
    Harness the power of the sun for all-day bug protection, or use the included micro USB charger for quick and easy recharging.
  • Weatherproof
    Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, from rain and snow to intense heat.
  • Easy to Clean
    Low-maintenance design that comes with a brush for easy cleaning, keeping it ready for the next bug battle.
  • Effective on a Variety of Pests
    Equally effective on mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, gnats, flying beetles, and no-see-ums.
  • Long-Lasting Charge
    One charge lasts up to 20 hours, so you're protected from dawn till dusk.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Versatility
    Designed to work efficiently, whether in the comfort of your home or in the great outdoors.
  • Adjustable Brightness
    Its ultra-bright LED light offers adjustable brightness levels, turning any dark room into a well-lit space.

Customer reviews

Discover Why 12 K + Customers Love the Bug Snapz Bug Zapper
Customer reviews

Verified Reviews


Omar D. - Ohio

Summer days in Florida can be brutal! It’s super hot, rainy and a field day for mosquitos. Having the Bug Snapz has brought so much comfort not only outside, but inside my home as well. It’s saved my skin from the bites that I was constantly prone to getting.

Mark L. - Florida

Grilling and BBQs are a staple tradition for me and my family. The flies and itchy ants always invited themselves to the party. The Bug Snapz has become the most convenient way we could get rid of these bugs from flying around our food and drinks. We can now hang out all day without having to worry about them anymore. It’s been a huge relief.

Blake R. - California

The Bug Snapz is an essential item for when me and my dad go fishing together every Sunday. We charge it in the morning and it lasts for the entire day that we are out there on the lake. It’s so light and easy to carry, that we ended up getting two!


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Product image
What is the Bug Snapz?
It is a dual-function combination bug-zapper and camping lantern. It is portable, lightweight, waterproof, and weather resistant. Hang it anywhere with the convenient hanging hook built into the base. Perfect for outdoor patios, backyards, RV's, and camping trips, each bulb clears a 16' x 16' area of annoying and dangerous mosquitos, providing a comfortable bug-free zone for your outdoor safety and enjoyment. No more stinky, toxic bug sprays or smoky coils to mess with!
How much area does the Bug Snapz cover?
375 square feet.
How effective is the Bug Snapz?
The purple LED light is extremely attractive to insects, so they will follow the light to just end up zapped by the electric coil, all with no-hassle for you.
How do you use the Bug Snapz?
The controls are uncomplicated and do not require much attention or effort from you. The device is also low maintenance and easy to clean out. Simply empty the bottom shell into the bin and it will be good as new!
Is this Bug Snapz Weatherproof?
Yes, it’s completely waterproof and weather resistant.
Is this Bug Snapz portable?
Yes, it is completely rechargeable with an internal 2,000mAH rechargeable built in battery. Place it wherever you like, hook it up high, and even take it with you on trips. The Bug Snapz is so easy to carry and so compact, that you’ll end up taking it everywhere.
How do you charge the Bug Snapz?
You can charge it easily, whenever you can, with a micro USB charger provided. One charge is enough to last you through the entire day, so you can relax knowing that mosquitos won’t bother you.
How long does the battery last?
Up to 20 hours.
What type of cable is needed?
USB Type C (Wall charger and cable Included).
How long is the lifespan of the bulb itself?
10,000 hours.
What are the dimensions of this Bug Snapz?
6.8” x 3.5” inches. Approximately 7 ounces.
How bright is the camping lantern part of the Bug Snapz?
6,000 lumens.
How durable is the Bug Snapz?
Protected by a super soft, shatter-resistant cover.
Can I adjust the lantern’s brightness?
Yes, it has four light settings to choose from; 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100% that can be set to your personal preference.
How do you clean The Bug Snapz?
As the bugs are zapped, they fall to the bottom shell of the unit in a small chamber above the camping lantern. Simply empty the bottom shell into the bin and it will be as good as new.
Does this Bug Snapz emit any chemicals or smell?
No, there are no chemicals or smells with this lantern.


The Bug Snapz will let you sleep in comfort


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