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What is the Bug Snapz?

It is a dual-function combination bug-zapper and camping lantern. It is portable, lightweight, waterproof, and weather resistant. Hang it anywhere with the convenient hanging hook built into the base. Perfect for outdoor patios, backyards, RV's, and camping trips, each bulb clears a 16' x 16' area of annoying and dangerous mosquitos, providing a comfortable bug-free zone for your outdoor safety and enjoyment. No more stinky, toxic bug sprays or smoky coils to mess with!

How much area does the Bug Snapz cover?

375 square feet.

How effective is the Bug Snapz?

The purple LED light is extremely attractive to insects, so they will follow the light to just end up zapped by the electric coil, all with no-hassle for you.

How do you use the Bug Snapz?

The controls are uncomplicated and do not require much attention or effort from you. The device is also low maintenance and easy to clean out. Simply empty the bottom shell into the bin and it will be good as new!

Is this Bug Snapz Weatherproof?

Yes, it’s completely waterproof and weather resistant.

Is this Bug Snapz portable?

Yes, it is completely rechargeable with an internal 2,000mAH rechargeable built in battery. Place it wherever you like, hook it up high, and even take it with you on trips. The Bug Snapz is so easy to carry and so compact, that you’ll end up taking it everywhere.

How do you charge the Bug Snapz?

You can charge it easily, whenever you can, with a micro USB charger provided. One charge is enough to last you through the entire day, so you can relax knowing that mosquitos won’t bother you.

How long does the battery last?

Up to 20 hours.

What type of cable is needed?

USB Type C (Wall charger and cable Included).

How long is the lifespan of the bulb itself?

10,000 hours.

What are the dimensions of this Bug Snapz?

6.8” x 3.5” inches. Approximately 7 ounces.

How bright is the camping lantern part of the Bug Snapz?

6,000 lumens.

How durable is the Bug Snapz?

Protected by a super soft, shatter-resistant cover.

Can I adjust the lantern’s brightness?

Yes, it has four light settings to choose from; 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100% that can be set to your personal preference.

How do you clean The Bug Snapz?

As the bugs are zapped, they fall to the bottom shell of the unit in a small chamber above the camping lantern. Simply empty the bottom shell into the bin and it will be as good as new.

Does this Bug Snapz emit any chemicals or smell?

No, there are no chemicals or smells with this lantern.